Musician Mzbel Says “Hare Krsna Is More Like Idol Worshipping” – Incensed Editor of Schools Her

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 “Hare Krsna is more like idol worshipping” – Hiplife musician, Mzbel, has described the Hare Krsna faith as such.

Mzbel passed those remarks in an interview with celebrated blogger, Zionfelix (Founding Editor of, on the blogger’s new online show christened ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.’

In their duologue which was set in a ridding car (as the name/concept of the show suggests), Mzbel reaffirmed her belief that Jesus Christ is a mythical character – though she believes in God:

“…I can’t worship God through Jesus. I believe in God….”

Having faced persecution as she claims from some characters in International Central Gospel Church ICGC (Founded by Pastor Mensah Otabil) where she once fellowshipped, Mzbel disclosed she renounced their association because she found out that:

“…They don’t practice what they preach. How can I be with people who don’t practice what they preach….?”

Mzbel built her revelation to how she decided to research on religion after exiting ICGC – landing her into the Hare Krsna movement but realized, “..Hare Krsna is more like idol worshipping..” she said.

Reacting to Mzbel’s remarks, Founder/Editor of, who is a good standing member of Hare Krsna movement and also a member of the National Executive of the movement in the PR department, has expressed strong disappointment at Mzbel’s comments.

“I find these comments from Mzbel very unfortunate! First, we are not idol worshippers! We are actually against idol worship and we condemn it anytime. We worship Krsna – God!”

The Editor used the opportunity to explain what idol worship is:

“We believe in deity worship and so have deities of the lord in our temples. Deity worship, is not the same as idol worship. The two are not the same.

“Deity worship is scriptural and divine but idol worship is from man’s own idea – hence the name idol. Anything a man creates from his own idea and worships without scriptural sanction – is an idol.”

He made the point that Mzbel has actually blasphemed:

“She has committed a grave offence we term as nam-aparad! It’s a serious offence. Hare Krsna is not a movement situated only in Ghana.

“It is a God conscious movement of international repute and accepted in many countries as a bona fide society. Mzbel may face the consequences of her remarks.”

Hare Krsna is a God conscious movement founded by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. They call God Krsna – the same Supreme Lord known as Jehovah, Allah, by Christians and Muslims respectively. They believe in deity worship – a form of worship many who don’t understand or believe in, misconstrue as idol worshipping.

Krsna – God

Their faith is hinged on being conscious of God at any time and in whatever one does – with their basic religious injunction being: no meat, fish, or egg eating, no intoxicants, no gambling, and no illicit sex.

They recite (chant) a minimum of 16 rounds of God’s holy names – Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare – –  each day and eat food offered to the lord – known as Prasad (Mercy of the Lord). They believe in reincarnation and law of karma.



Credit: Harevenu Das