Musician Tinny Is Not Making Hit Songs Because His Picture Has Been Taken To A Spiritualist To Tame Him

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Hip-life artiste, Tinny has stated that he has received news indicating that a copy of his musical cd and a picture, symbolising his music career has been to taken to Benin by an unknown artiste for rituals. This he says is intended to prevent him from progressing in the music Industry.

Narrating the news he heard from the informant to Dr. Pounds on Hitz FM, Tinny said that the spiritual intervention in Benin is to block his chances of ever releasing a hit song after announcing his comeback.

The informant, who introduced himself as a ‘spiritual father’ noted that the spiritual intervention in Benin is the major reason for his struggle in the music industry. ‘They say I have been taken to a spiritualist. That is why I am not having a hit.’

Tinny disclosed that this was not the first time of hearing such news so he made an attempt to reach the informant who confirmed the news to him. ‘The person was on GhOne, he was on Pluzz FM, he was on Happy FM and recently he was on Okay Fm. So I got his number from Abeiku Santana.’

According to Tinny, the informant, who claims to have a third eye to see in the spiritual world, said he went there himself to see the picture and CD in the possession of a spiritualist in Benin. The informant advised the rapper to be prayerful.

However, the ‘ringtone’ hitmaker is of the view that whether there are spiritual orchestrations against him or not, he will still take the music industry by storm in 2017.