My Friends Used Filthy Words On Me – “Disabled” Oti Regional Minister Designate

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Mr. Joshua Makubu, Nana Akufo Addo’s Oti Regional Minister-Designate has reiterated the harsh Conditions and abuse people living with disabilities go through with an unfortunate account of how his colleagues and friends used “filthy” words on him.

“I was amputated at age 9 when I was in primary three, and in school, I was the only person sitting on a chair.No one wanted to come closer to me. It took me more than three years before people started coming to me”.He narrated

“I was not born with the disability but I had a challenge on the leg so I was taken to the hospital for surgery but it was not successful.”

He noted that despite the abuses he went through, his parents always gave him the assurance that he was going to become somebody in the future.

He expressed surprise and thanked the President for his nomination as the Minister-Designate for Oti Region.

“It was a shock to me when I heard the announcement I did not know I was going to be made a Minister. I know I can serve my country and government but I did not know I would be given a Regional Minister and I am equally prepared and up to the task.

Mr.Makuba said he had always wanted to serve the nation but did not know it was going to come through this appointment.

Mr. Mukuba’s account brings to the fore the harsh conditions that people with disabilities go through and the state of its neglect.

Nana Akuffo Addo meanwhile has been receiving plaudits for nominating Mr.Mukuba for the office of a Regional Minister