Nana Addo Set To Reduce “Elephant Size” Government

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Party Sympathisers and footsoldiers  of the ruling New Patriotic Party are breathing on the neck of the president to reduce the size of his government

They contend that the “elephant size” government which had over 120 ministers served no useful purpose and blamed it as part of the abysmal performance of the party in the just-ended elections.

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Surprisingly, in 2017 by this time, there was a huge uproar about the number of Ministers, and, intellectuals in government were explaining to us why we need more Ministers.

They eloquently argued that the work must be broken into smaller pieces to make it easier and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

” A lean but effective government narrative was abandoned with an excuse that it wasn’t captured in the 2016 Manifesto of the NPP” they contended.

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They chose when to make reference to the Manifesto.

Well, Party sympathizers are brooding over the abysmal performance during the first term of Nana Akufo-Addo’s obese government? Same number, more ministers or the President should reduce the number?

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There seems to be a consensus among party faithful that a large number of Ministers Nana Akufo-Addo appointed is nothing but a waste of resources.

Some of those who even defended such a wasteful exercise vehemently seem to have seen the light and are arguing otherwise.

Meanwhile, time seems to be running out for the President to name a set of new ministers to be vetted and considered by the appointment committee of Parliament.