NDC Journalist Turns ‘Fufu Pounder’ For Villagers To Canvass Votes For John Mahama

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It appears one strategy our politicians are gradually adopting to win votes in election years is to assist in household chores for the populace – thereby turning themselves into house maids of a sort, yet, they have their hidden agenda.

Not long ago, pictures of Mayor of Accra, Mr. Alfred Oko Vanderpiuye, helping a lady cook local dish ‘Banku’ and braiding her hair got social media agog – as well as subjected the bearded mayor to public odium.


The latest to join the political-maid-servant strategy is Mustapha Inusah, popularly known as Nii Attractive or Attractive for short. Presspeep.com chanced on a current picture of Attractive, pounding ‘fufu’ for a villager.


When we got in touch with him, he said, “Politics is all about the people. You should be there for them. You should identify with them. You don’t run away from the very people you want to serve. We in NDC believe in getting closer to the masses.”

He further made the point that, “these are the people (villagers) who need much help – not those in the big cities. We get closer to them, identify with what they do, listen to their predicaments or challenges, and formulate policies to help their situation. Sometimes they even give solutions and suggestions that even graduates may never have thought of.

Attractive is the NDC’s Coordinator of Celebrities For Mahama – an assembly of A-list celebrities including John Dumelo, Kalsum Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, and others whose sole aim is to use their star power to canvass votes for candidate Mahama.

Attractive was an esteemed entertainment journalist with over 10 years experience – having worked with Flex Newspaper, Razz Newspaper, and Publicist for a number of celebrities – and finally, was one of the producers of Entertainment Review on Peace 104.3 FM and Neat FM. For best reasons known to him, he shun the arts and now into active politics.