Some NDC Members Screaming Of Being Attacked Are Simply Raising False ALARM – One Has Been Busted

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The originator of the ‘ide be keke” catch phrase for candidate Mahama (during the 2012 elections) popularly known as Wofa K, has been exposed by a member of his own family – stating that, pictures of the actor cum broadcaster in a very pitiful state as evidence of claim of attack on him by some NPP supporters, is bogus!

“I’m 300% sure that the said attack is fake,” said a family member of Wofa K, who spoke to Joy FM’s journalist Manasseh Azure . “His mother is very angry about it but she doesn’t want to speak to the media. Everybody in the family is very upset”

“As far as we are concerned, no attack happened in the house here. And if he was attacked elsewhere and was taken to the hospital, at least one family member would have been called. The first place we saw those pictures was on Facebook,” the family member added. See pictures of Wofa K:

When asked why he think Wofa K would lie, the family member said: “We think he is doing this for two reasons: Maybe he has not been paid all the money by the NDC and he wants to use this to get attention or his money or the NDC just want to use him to make a case that there is violence since Nana Akufo-Addo became president-elect”

Wofa K is yet to react to this revelation for the world to know who is actually telling the truth – since the family member could also have his interest, perhaps, a member of NPP who wants to shoot down K’s claim to save the NPP’s face in this regard.