New Game Makes Learning Of Mathematics Easier And Fun For Children/Adults In Ghana – Contact Daffodils Games And Publishing NOW!

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Studying of Mathematics or computation oriented modules have for many years been a numbing dread to most academic assimilators – but thankfully, Daffodils Games and Publishing, a Ghanaian registered company, has come in handy to make the studying of Maths easier and fun through games.

Research shows that learning in general is enhanced through the medium of play. Students enjoy playing games and they learn faster by participating and embracing the concept of practical play – so when fun activities are included in the teaching process, the rate of understanding of complex concepts is greatly increased.

Daffodils Games and Publishing Limited (Daffodils GP) believes in this and so offers a challenging and educational learning experiences for young minds through their BONANZA card game product. Their products (games) are designed in such a way that it appeals not only to children, but all age mates (60s or more).

The BONANZA card game employs basic arithmetic skills to provide endless hours of exciting challenge – and the plus factor for which everyone may have to contact these experts, is that the game and its approach make solving relatively complex arithmetic easier, faster, and fun.

As a well-structured company that is in to stay, Daffodils Games and Publishing has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ghana Education Service (GES) and thus have the permission to visit basic schools to teach pupils.

Daffodils Games and Publishing Limited have already toured some basic schools in Accra and Tema and testimonies from the kids and teachers, have been positive.

Names of some of their games are: Bonanza Card Game, Nudu Board Game, Road User Playing Game, and others.

Parents and anyone who wish to learn Mathematics the easier way and with fun, can contact Daffodils Games & Publishing Ltd for more details.

Office location is 42A Orphan Crescent, Labone, Accra. You can also Call: +233 302 797 837/+233 302 797 838. Follow them on Facebook: Daffodils GP.