NEWS IN: Black Nigerian Model Who Won Pageant In Finland Suffers Public Attack, Disgrace And Ugly Racial Comments – Her Competitors Were All Whites

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Sephora Iklaba, 19, born in Yoruba – Nigeria, was crowned the winner of Miss Helsinki on Friday, 6th January, 2017, unfortunately, her joy has turned sour as many fans/followers of the pageant have subjected her to racial attacks – has gathered.

Monitoring Twitter and Facebook, observed many fans and followers of the pageant, who are largely whites, expressed their disappointment at seeing Miss Iklaba win the crown.We also gathered that she was the only black lady who made it to the grand finale – winning the crown over the rest of the ladies (all whites).

Whilst some of Sephora’s critics have their disappointment and disagreement based on the fact that the organizers should not have allowed her enter the contest because she was not born in Finland, others feel she is ugly.

Sephora Ikalaba from Nigeria

According to Sephora Iklaba, the main reason behind her entering was “to be a good role model for young people and to represent those who are really unsure of themselves and are going through difficult issues”.

Miss Sephora Ikalaba – Winner, Miss Helsinki 2017 culled the below reactions from (Official Facebook page – Miss Helsinki, and Twitter) disgruntled fans/followers of the pageant:


Edward James East: Miss Helsinki (Finland)….won by a Nigerian woman. Fuck you, liberal Europe. You liberals seem to have forgotten that the 2 ugliest world wars erupted in Europe…….don’t think we won’t start a third one, this time against YOU.

Szabó Róbert: The problem for me is not that this gilrs is black. The problem that she looks like a 40 yo. There is in the world a lot of nice black girl. This girl win only because PC… The second gilr is much more beauty…

Paweł Tadrowski: Political correctness won. I didn’t know that blacks are native for Finland. By the way, she’s damn ugly ;/ #missHutu2017. By the small steps like this, you will whiped out your own culture and in next 20 years all of you will pray to pedophile Mahommet, otherwise they will chop your head off.

James Penter: I always thought these competitions were based on cultural beauty or beauty from their native lands. This is disgraceful, and unfair/biased opinions leading to a decline in acceptance of white beauty/PROPORTIONS native to their own country.

Paradigm Shift Media: Pathetic truth shifting. You can’t claim the sun is black and actually expect people to take it as such. The winner is simply ugly, by ANY standard. Yes, we’ve all seen really beautiful black women. But this one isn’t. Deal with it.

That’s not racism. Your pathetic attempt at calling people hateful names for pointing out something so obvious isn’t fooling anyone, really. At least if you tried to bring in a beautiful black woman, like France did, maybe then people would have somewhat accepted your desperate political correct attempts.

Jannie Van Niekerk: The woman who published this article says she’s shocked. Really what did she expect, a standing ovation? Luckely people like Barbara Learner Specter has exposed who are behind and are pushing this and even on this level people know now who makes sure and oversees this destruction of European culture. Now this Miss Helsinki franchise has destroyed itself by it’s involvement with pushing multiculturalism.

Jacob Jay: how are we horrible? She isn’t even Finnish. Makes no sense, and she was obviously chosen from the pageant to win right from the beginning.

Bubis Evgeny: Hello from Russia! We wonder here – when our good neighors became to be black skin? 0_o Your brave, viking rooted, Finn’s beauty now looks this way? Hey, Finns! Something went wrong, we think. Your Queen looks OK, but strange. Happy 2017!

Alan Mac AnTuile: Nobody complained about Kelly Kalonji because Kelly Kalonji IS beautiful. What’s so difficult to understand here? The 2017 winner has a “severe appearance deficit”. If an ugly white girl were chosen to win over obviously more beautiful women there would be criticism as well.

It’s not that she’s black, it’s that she’s the least beautiful of all the entrants. Big wide nose with a neanderthal-like bone structure is NOT beautiful.

You ought to be glad that so many do not accept this politically correct crap. Yes, there are many outright racist comments but it is the political correctness that has attracted them.

Mika Antypa: I couldn’t agree more. That’s to be fair an ugly woman surrounded by so beautiful women. I don’t know how this woman was elected, but for sure she is not pretty! That’s clearly racism towards white people. Nothing to do with beauty. Very disappointing as well for the people of Finland to see at their culture whipped out like this. It’s all very disappointing…

Marek Petrů: It’s not only about her skin color. But I think there are much prettier girls in Helsinki

Tomáš Koudelka i am sorry, but it is terrible.just a stupid pageant and you guys are acting like Finland was destroyed by nuclear bombing. shame on you.

Enrico Travaini: This is the triumph of political correctness . An outrage to beautiful Finnish and European women. Multiculturalism is a cancer!

Roger Antony Carter: If I took my wife to China, and while there my wife gave birth to our daughter there is no way, not ever, that my daughter would be Chinese. In similar way this “winner” can never be Finnish.

She might be a really lovely person but unless one is visually impaired she is clearly, plainly , obviously NOT the most beautiful of the contestants. The only title she has earned is “Miss Politically Correct Choice” 2017

Shahar Gross: The problem is not her being black, it’s her being freaking Ugly, horrible disgusting body, and ape like face.

Milan Michalek: can I make a bet who did organize this competition. I guess that during the group masturbation bunch jews and freemasons got an idea to make morons from Finish people. They have so many beautiful women but they choose this primate. This competition should be called Miss Primate of Finland.

Bela Kovacs: Once i took home a finnish girl into my bed. She didnt look like black. Or it was my fault and i cant recognize the colours… Do they usually wear black skin? You, i mean the organizers, you also made a huge step to destroy everything which is Europe for us. Just continue on this politically correct way and kill us. Thanks!

Δημήτρης Χάμσουν: And we are shocked that in the year 2017 we are witnessing the holocaust of the white people and we are not even allowed to talk about that. And that is a shame. Freedom of speach. Year 2017? And we are not allowed to speak in terms of reality. Really? So long for the democracy’s values.

Davide Baraldi: The ugliest girl in the world. I’v never seen in my life such a terrifying face. I cant imagine the pain of all the mirrors in her house forced to see her all day long.

Vitor Ribeiro: Everyone knows this ugly African invader was elected because anti-white Jews run Finland and all other white countries as well as the Miss Helsinki show. Anti-white Jews who are pushing for white genocide in all white countries through non-white immigration invasion and population replacement for the rise of Israel.

I wouldn’t date that ugly invader if she paid me. Send all invaders back to their countries. Stop white genocide. Africans don’t have any right to invade Europe or any other white country. Whites have the right to their own countries. They have the right not to be turned into minorities in their own countries and be exterminated. Whites have the right to exist.

პაპუნა ჭუმბურიძე: next year I will draw face on my shit and put it as next miss helsinki, she has so much make up on this picture that I would look like miss univerce with same effort (and I am man)


Below are few ones from Twitter:

See pictures of all the 10 final contestants below:



1. Sephora Ikalaba 165/19
2. Vivianna Eksymä 167/20
3. Maria Mustonen 167/ 26
4. Anniina Kangas 168/ 20
5. Miska Nikander 169/ 22
6. Karoliina Ala-Kantti 170/ 24
7. Melina HäyrInen 174/ 20
8. Saana Lehtonen 172/ 24
9. Salla Nyholm 176/ 26
10. Venla Nikulainen 175/ 25

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