NEWS IN: Court Rules That Anas Be Dragged To Court To Answer For His Investigative Works – Not His Lawyer Doing The Talking For Him

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A judge has ruled that Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI must defend themselves in court over the human rights case brought against them by Ibrahim Sannie Daara after they sought to dodge the case by asking a lawyer to answer to the lawsuit on their behalf.


The judge His Lordship Mr. Justice Nicholas Abodakpi slammed Anas’defence of his life being in danger as the reason for seeking to evade court scrutiny as ‘incompetent and inadmissible’ and ordered that them to file a fresh Affidavit in Answer within 14 days.


This is a major first victory for Sannie Daara over Anas after his lawyer Dr. Dominic Ayine, powerfully argued that the defendants must be made to swear to the affidavit to avoid dodging the consequences of their work against the Ghana FA Communications Director.


The plan to avoid appearing in court was hatched by Anas’ lawyer Kissi Agyabeng but Dominic Ayine floored him with three superior arguments which was upheld by the judge His Lordship Mr. Justice Nicholas Abodakpi.


The Human Rights Fast-track court subsequently ruled in favour of Sannie Daara by striking out the affidavit of the lawyer Odei Krow, who answered on behalf of the defendants, and asked Anas and Tiger Eye to swear to a new Affidavit in Answer by themselves.


This ruling is a major blow to Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger who had always found solace in hiding behind pseudo defendants to find their cases in court.


Since the hearing of this case started in court he has failed to make a single appearance in court and given frivolous excuses for fear of his life for his absence.