NEWS IN: Ghanaian TV Stations Who Show Raw Pornographic Movies Have Agreed To Stop – The Law Has Cracked The Whip

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The National Media Commission has directed television stations XYZ TV, Thunder TV and Ice TV to cease forthwith the airing of pornographic materials on their television stations.

Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng (Chairman of National Media Commission, Ghana)

The directive follows a complaint filed by Mr. James Oberko and Mr. Tommy Annan Forson against the stations. The Commission examined the broadcast of the three stations and concluded that the content complained about did not meet the standards of decency required by the Broadcasting Standards of the Commission.

Section 7 (e) of the NMC Broadcasting Guidelines provides that: “Actual sexual intercourse between humans should at no time be transmitted.” The Commission said this provision does not admit of any exceptions.

At the settlement meeting, the three stations apologised and committed themselves to ensuring that there would be no more pornography on their stations. They however drew the attention of the Commission to other radio and television stations which they considered to be carrying similarly offensive content.

The Commission has cautioned broadcasting stations and other electronic communications networks to be particularly mindful of the implications of carrying any content which offends public sensibilities.

Credit: Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng (Chairman of National Media Commission, Ghana)