NEWS IN: Mawarko Restaurant Supervisor Jailed 9 Months

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The Abeka District Court on Wednesday August 2, 2917 convicted the Abelemkpe Mawarko branch manager, Jihad Chabaan to nine months in prison for assault.

Jihad Chabaan who was found guilty by the court presided over by Victoria Ghansah, had been charged for assault and causing harm.

The trial judge handed him 6 months in prison for assault and 9 months for causing harm for both to run concurrently. His conviction follows an earlier rejection for an out-of-court settlement he demanded in the heat of the trial.


The 26-year-old Lebanese supervisor Jihad Chaaban assaulted his subordinate at Marwako Fast Food’s Abelenkpe.

Evelyn Boakye 25, the victim, had her face rubbed in blended pepper for more than 10 minutes while Jihad Thaabn 26, squeezed her neck and yelled abusive words on her.

The incident which has attracted wide condemnation, has led to some persons proposing that people stop patronizing food prepared by Marwako, in solidarity of the abused employee who is a Ghanaian.

Many are of the view that the decision to stop patronizing meals prepared by the restaurant will serve as a deterrent to other expatriate companies to learn to respect the rights of their employees in line with the laws of the country.