NEWS IN: Nana Addo Accepts MP For Akim Swedru’s Proposal For All Government Bodies To Consume Only Foodstuffs From Local Farmers – NANA Issues Directive On It

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Revered Member of Parliament, Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei – MP for Akim Swedru, is happy a proposal he sent to the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo, for the state to direct all government bodies – Ministries, Departments, and Agencies to buy and consume only homegrown foodstuffs by local farmers, has been accepted for implementation – can confirm.

Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei – MP for Akim Swedru

Sharing the news, Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei remarked:

“Thank you Mr. President for accepting my proposal and directing all Government institutions to buy local foodstuffs from our farmers for every official activities.

God bless you for your love and compassion towards the ordinary person. This is a mandatory instructions from the President and any Government Agency that will flout this directives will be penalized.”

Explaining how it all started, Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei told—–

Nana Addo – President of Ghana

“This proposal was made about 3 months ago and I did this because I was alarmed at the amount of money the government of Ghana spent on importing foodstuffs from outside. I was amazed about the figures and at the same time Agric contribution to the GDP keeps dwindling.

“So there was the need for government to reconsider foreign imports of foodstuffs and at least spend a quarter of such an amount to support the local farmers to grow more at an affordable rates so that the government can buy them back after harvest.”

He continued to solidify his point:

“Why should the local farmer who pays taxes have his business suffer whilst foreign farmers who contribute nothing enjoys at their expense. Government of Ghana spends millions of Ghana Cedis on foodstuffs and most of this spending is on foreign foodstuffs so this directives from the president will help reduce the food import bills and also support the local farmers.”

Records On Ghana’s Importation – 2016

Ghana’s food import in 2008 $344 million but shot up to a staggering $2.3 billion – seven times increment. Shockingly, the $2.3 billion of food imports represent only: rice, sugar, poultry, fish, wheat, vegetable oil, vegetables and salt.

Also, Ghana spent $10 million to import salt from Brazil in 2015, yet the country has huge prospects in salt production that could help give employment to many Ghanaians. Ghana loses over 500 million dollars every year through the importation of foreign rice.

We at are happier the President accepted this proposal and has issued a directive to that effect. The country needs more of Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei’s kind. We give him encomium on this.