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Nigerian Police Couple Welcome Sextuplets After Almost a Decade of Childlessness.

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The pressure to bring forth children right after marriage is one which weighs heavily on the heads of newlywed couples especially in our part of the world. Bright and Joyce Akhimien, a Nigerian police couple were no exception. Their predicament, however took a turn for the better when after seven long years of struggling for children, they were finally blessed with sextuplets.

Joyce Akhimien brought forth six children on January 12, 2021 at the Brigdestone Hospital, Rukpoku located in Rivers State, Nigeria. Unfortunately, out of the four boys and two girls that were born, one girl passed away, leaving the Akhimiens with five children.

Although the arrival of children has brought great joy to the couple, they will also have to deal with the accompaniment of a financial burden, but nonetheless, they remain joyful. “It’s a big thing of joy, no doubt. But I am just a policeman making ends meet for family. The burden of caring for these children is enormous but it’s nothing compared to the shame, pressure and pains we have had to endure these past seven years of childlessness,” Bright Akhimien says.