The Notion That Ghanaians Are Warm And Nice People Is Not Entirely True – Broadcaster Abeiku Santana Argues – He Explains, DO YOU AGREE?

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Broadcaster Abeiku Santana – also a tourism promoter, has penned down a good note on tourism destination and in it, has watered down on the popular claim, that: “Ghanaians are warm and nice people.”. He explains below:


Ghana is endowed with a wide range of natural, cultural and historic attractions which could provide the basis for promoting our tourism. The promotion of quality tourism should be given a necessary attention.

Abeiku Santana

Ghana has a unique story to tell. Tropical Rainforest and beaches, historic forts and castles built by eight different European empires whose dungeons were used to accommodate millions of Africans for the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

Our unique cultural heritage featuring calender of festivals in ancient traditions and the warm friendly nature of Ghanaians, our football , kente , funeral and a muti diversified society.

However, poor customer service in both public and private sector firms scares prospective investors and tourists which can slow down economic growth.

Abeiku Santana

The poor customer service delivery can be attributed to engaging unqualified persons in strategic positions, unhealthy rivalries , bickering within business sectors, discrimination against certain category of customers. The situation has made some customers accept mediocrity in the service delivery.

The notion that Ghanaians are warm and nice people is not entirely true, most Ghanaians are nice and warm if they will benefit from you directly. The fastest growing sector of the Ghanaian economy is tourism.

Hotels,Restaurants,Transport & shops, beaches, Fashion, Music and Arts, Culture and Heritage. Government and all major stakeholder must take up the issue of customer service seriously.

There should be a conscious plan and strategy to improve the quality of our service delivery since it forms over 30 percent of Ghana’s GDP. Training is very key to improving standards and keeping to international benchmarks.

To keep up with the growth in the industry training, education and awareness as well us enhancing the physical infrastructures around most of our attractions will jump us to become the the best and most competitive destination to visit in Africa.

“Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.” – Peter F. Drucker