NPP’s Dr. Bawumia Applaud’s DKB’s Comedy, NDP’s Nana Konadu Condemned DKB – Politics Setting Into Our Comedy Industry?

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After a very unfortunate night during the Easter Comedy Show on Saturday April 15, which later took a turn to the wrong direction when former First Lady, Madam Konadu Agyeman Rawlings said DKB is a boring comedian, the King of GH Comedy, DKB had a very massive performance last night at the Ghana Muslim Achievers Award.

DKB wasn’t initially billed to perform at the event but ended up making a special appearance. He managed to pull off to perfection as he got the whole place exploded with laughter. “I linked up with the organizers to do a special appearance because I feel I owe the Muslim community an allegiance for impacting greatly to my comedy career.

“So I decided to perform at the show in a way to give back to the Muslim community and show them how I appreciate them” he explained.

Cracking jokes about how difficult it is to woo a girl in a Muslim community, the comedian switched to political jokes when he saw The Chief Imam and The Vice President of the Republic Dr. Bawumia.

“I used to live in a Zongo community Mambruk which is around Sukura and I was sharing my experience from where I lived, such as how difficult it is to woo a lady considering her father is Alhaji which really got them laughing.

“The last bit, after I recognized the presence of the Chief Imam and the Vice President, I started cracking jokes about NPP and NDC which got the whole place in a thunderous applause coupled with standing ovation” the big headed comedian said.

It was a very great night for the King of Comedy. There is no change, and those of you who thought there would be a decline to his performance after the Easter Comedy show, well, you are mistaken. The king is still shining.

Nana Konadu is synonymous to NDC and NDP, and Bawumia is to NPP. The former condemned DKB and the latter is commending DKB – so we asking, is politics setting into our comedy fraternity?