OPINION: GH Poet Ur Nenebi Rates ‘KejetiaVsMakola’ As “Not Funny” As Highly Publicized – Makes Some Suggestions To The Producers

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Ghanaian spoken word artist, poet, songwriter, performer, and storyteller, Ur Nenebi, has described ‘KejetiavrsMakola,’ a trending TV series on social media, as “not funny” – and thus, made some suggestions to the producers for consideration to enrich it.

Ur Nenebi

According to Ur Nenebi, he’s been hearing so much noise about ‘KejetiavrsMakola’ and so watched 3 episodes of the series – however, he was not impressed. Resorting to his official Facebook wall, Ur Nenebi opined:

“Been hearing so much noise about #KejetiaVsMakola and curiosity got the better side of me. I watched 3 episodes of that and I feel like I wasted one hour 30 minutes of my life I am not going to get back.

“That shot is not funny. There’s only one funny character, the lawyer from Kejetia, and even he kept turning the same tricks. I don’t have a problem with that because one of my favorite sitcoms is Master of None.

“You can watch 30 minutes of Master of None and only 3 minutes will be funny and it’s still interesting to watch because it tells great stories. I remember KSM had a show on GTV called Divorce Court. I was about 10 when that show was on but I still remember is because the storyline were engaging and memorable.”

When reached out to Ur Nenebi to inquire if he genuinely stands by his words on a brilliant series almost everyone is praising, he said, “I do. 100%.” He suggests to the producers for consideration:

“The makers of #KejetiaVsMakola rely on the comic relief to drive the show, instead of developing stories and other interesting characters and there’s nothing wrong with that. Shows that rely on the funny to thrive, needs to have more than one funny character.

“Remember Taxi Driver? Master Ric, Papa Nii, Aboagye and Richard were all funny and so were some of the supporting characters. All the characters were well developed. Another show I can think about now was the old Efiewura.

“Koo Fori, the pastor and Nii’s wife Eunice Banini’s character were all funny. Agya Afari and Auntie Bee were not funny but there were interesting. Every character was a delight to watch. #KejetiaVsMakola needs to have more delightful characters if the show will be delightful.

“Sometimes the judge gets out of character and I think that’s not right. If they can’t have delightful characters, they need better AND more engaging stories. Even though Kumkum Bhagya is boring, people watch because the story hits home emotionally.

“Yesterday when I saw people say Abhi has regained his memory, I wanted to find out what happened and I don’t even watch that shit. The story just draws you in. I give the makers C for effort because I can’t write comedy. #SeeMeNaked

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