OPINION: UK Law Student Gloria Osei Kuffour Lambasts All NDC Celebrities For Supporting A Bad Cause

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It is with utmost pleasure for me to once again, announce H.E. William Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, as the President elect of our wonderful nation (Ghana).

Gloria Osei Kuffour (Law Student, City Law School, London, UK)

It however, gives me joy helping it sink into your brains. I must applaud most of you for sticking to your guns, showing all the support you can to your individual parties. The likes of Andy Dosty, Bibi Bright, Kwame A plus, Agya Koo etc. – who supported NPP diligently, whole heartedly, and in your small ways contributed financially.

Actress Bibi Bright

They were insulted, threatened, called all the names in the book just like Nana Addo but they never budged to such atrocities. I must also applaud the supporters of the opposition party, Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger, Tracy Boakye, John Dumelo, and others. You supported your party diligently, not wholeheartedly and even in your larger numbers, never contributed a thing, but who cares? I do, I care so much!

It bothers me that in 2016, people with little to no fame at whatsoever are able to get on social media to campaign for a sitting president with the intention of reviving dead careers. It’s alarming that people that are supposedly celebrated are this insensitive and in most cases stupid to affiliate with a political party because they want a share of the national cake and simply can’t work hard enough to attain it on their own.

I wouldn’t say the NPP supporters are completely faultless, farfetched even. My biggest problem with all this affiliation-rubbish is the insults and disparaging comments that came with it.

Mzbel: It is awfully difficult to comprehend what type of mentality you seem to have since you came into the music scene. Let’s leave that to the KNUST boys; they know better.

Musician Mzbel

One would think with the humiliation served you many years ago, you would have taken this opportunity to revive your image and engage in endorsement without insults. When sane people saw your type of endorsement, it made NDC an extremely unattractive and unintelligible to support. I can arrange for your departure from this country peacefully – your exit shall bring our ‘Akonfem’ back in peace.

John Dumelo: Just before your endorsement, you had been accused of duping a lady in the US – so I naturally assumed you wanted to revive a dead image too, yet your broke ass only came to loot too. Many claim you own businesses, it’s funny because we aren’t aware of these things except hearsay and that is simply nothing to ride on.

However, I know you want a clothing brand – but trust me, Sark’s Collection isn’t even racking up sales either, so I couldn’t possibly see yours doing any better. “Nana can never be president” – you said before the election, but a common DCE, you wouldn’t get under Nana’s administration.

Actor John Dumelo

Afia Schwarzenegger: I liked you when Delay debuted you on her show, as usual your chaotic being ran the show down and people blamed the young lady whose only mistake was to give you an opportunity. After that betrayal, I never expected much from you. Never!

Your fights here and there have constantly proved you have nothing to lose as you have nothing at all. It’s a shame you constantly cuss women without children, but believe me, if what you are with 2 children is what makes you consider yourself a woman, most women would rather opt to be barren. If I find a figure like Nana Addo in your family, I’ll respect you.

Tracy Boakye: the least said about you the better as you aren’t worth my hand movements on a keyboard. Better luck next time sweetheart. Now to the neutrals-turned supporters: Diamond Appiah: I’ll forgive you slightly for your insults towards Nana Addo but your uncouth slightly bleached mouth needs to learn to shut up. The bragging, insults, attention seeking and so on made it difficult seeing you endorse such a noble man.

Actress Tracy Boakye

Of course you saw a chance of confusing the NPP electorates by the similarities in colour and with the shady endorsement. Like I said, I’ll forgive you. Lydia Forson: I love you girl – I’ll rather you shut up sometimes! You have absolutely no idea about some of the things you write on. Your command over the queen’s language makes you seem intelligent enough but in actuality you are not.

This is not to say NPP or Nana Addo and the celebrities who supported them are faultless. However they saw a chance to help their country not destroy it like most of you did. Thank goodness Ghana isn’t a country that dwells on the doings of celebrities, because some of you aren’t simply worth that title.

“He is short. He is ugly. He is a warmonger. He is too old. He is this, he is that.” HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT-ELECT! Congrats Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Winners never quit!

Gloria Osei Kuffour


Credit: Gloria Osei Kuffour (City Law School –London, UK)