Pastors Need Make-Up Artists To Look Good – Make-Up Artist Claims

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Mina Folake Lawani, Chief Executive Officer of Minalyntouch Makeover, based in Ghana, has shared her artless opinion on the prospects of the cosmetic industry and how Ghana can benefit– should we give that sect of our arts serious attention.

To her, make-up is her passion; “professionalism is what brings perfection to talents and passion, and that has been the edge I have over other Make-Up artists in Ghana,” she said.

Mina Folake Lawani, CEO of Minalyntouch

Speaking on the cost of venturing into such business in Ghana, she explained that Make-Up business is for those with a lion heart: “Running a Make-Up business in Ghana requires a lot of capital and connections to influential people in the society.

“The industry is such that, if you’re not well connected to the de la crème in the society, your services won’t be patronized, even if you are a great Make-Up artist, so, a lot of awareness and reaching out need to be done for the up and coming ones.”

Very sanguine Mina also made the point that, “there’s no doubt about the fact that beauty and cosmetic industry have come to stay in Ghana. To a large extent, this has created many business owners, and created jobs for young ladies and men whose passion is to be in beauty and cosmetic industry. But the sad thing is, most of the products we use as Make-Up artists are imported.”

Mina has done make-up for a number of Ghanaian celebrities, including Selly Galley, host of The Premieres on Joy Prime, and as well-handled Make-Up of high society events.

Model, Actress, Presenter – Selly

She also disclosed that, “Cosmetic application have cost some ladies their beauty as a result of fake products, miss-application or abuse of usage.” She attributed that to ignorance on the part of the user or by unqualified Make-Up artists.

According to her, one of the rules a professional Make-Up artist must note is not to fall for cheap fake products, as well as understand the skin of his/her client to avoid negative reaction on the skin. “It is true that some ladies are afraid of making-over as a result of their experience or what they saw happen to others.

“This is one of the reasons I always advise against cheap “drugstore” products, and where they buy the products they use. Make-Up artists are also expected to have a sound knowledge of good products and their clients’ skin.”

Mina envisaged Beauty and Cosmetic industry to be one of the best paying jobs in Ghana in the next 10 years. To her, this is a fast growing industry; “TV presenters, celebrities, fashion models, event organizers, wedding photo-shoots, movie industry needs us; even pastors, and most especially, televangelists need to look good to their audience across the world,” she stressed.

With United States Beauty and Cosmetic industry projecting to exceed $62 billion in 2016, that’s no small money for an economy such as Ghana. But there’s no such statistics to gauge how much the industry is expected to turn over.