PICTURE: Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Shares Picture Of His 88 Year Old Mother Today – See Their Thick Resemblance: Like Mother Like Son

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Mother of celebrity lawyer Dr. Maurice Ampaw turned 88 years today – HURRAY!!

Going out of his way to celebrate his mother, the maverick lawyer resorted to his official Facebook wall and shared a picture of his mother and himself.

Excited lawyer Ampaw shared (memory) on his timeline today 8th May, 2017, what he posted when she was 87 years last year, 8th May, 2016:

“My lovely mum at age 87. You still young and beautiful. Love you so much for making me a covenant child. Happy mother day to you.”

The interesting things noted are the sharp resemblance between the two: broad face, thick lips, sexy bulgy eyes, and enchanting smiles – and so we say, like mother like son.

Maurice Ampaw and nuclear family:

What we can’t confirm is whether she is also stubborn, verbose or vocal as lawyer Ampaw. We wish her a happy 88th birthday – it does not come cheap, God is involved!