PICTURE: See Nana Kwame Who ‘Bullied’ Celebrated Journalist Manasseh Azuri Recently

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People fell in love with his comment on Manasseh Azuri’s Facebook post and kept wondering who could be the individual behind the ‘Nana Kwame’ Facebook account since he had not even a single picture.

The wait is certainly over! ‘Faceless’ Nana Kwame has finally uploaded his picture on Facebook. Here you are with Nana Kwame the king of trolling.

Manasseh Azuri


Manasseh became a subject of mockery after his post on the ongoing Africa CEOs conference in Geneva was butchered by a Facebook account which bears the name Nana Kwame.

“Why is the Africa CEOs conference being held in Europe? The over 1000 participants will book hotels, eat, shop and move around. So much cash will be invested in Geneva. Why not an African city? Is this rocket science or common sense? Or something I am missing?” Manasseh queried.

But a rebuttal from Nana Kwame suggested that Manasseh had no moral right to raise such a concern as he chose to have his wedding at Aburi Gardens instead of his village, a repartee some have described ‘savage’ and hundred percent ‘fatality’ if it were Mortal Kombat.

“Why did you choose to do your wedding at Aburi gardens and not your local village, where otabil and others could see the deprived nature of your people. And use your wedding to inspire the up and coming youth to aim high like u. Probably that local plantain sellers goods could be purchased by the city dwellers. Is this rocket science or common sense or something I am missing?”