PICTURES: Ghanaian Musician Kwaku T Suffers Severe Burns And Lung Damage In A Fire Outbreak In South Africa

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South African based Ghanaian rapper and TV host Kwaku Tutu popularly known as Kwaku T has been involved in a near-death fire outbreak in South Africa.

In several posts on his Instagram page, he explains the circumstances behind the accident that almost took his life and kept him in coma for many days.

The fire which gutted the apartment of the former Big Brother Africa housemate is said to have been caused by an electrical fault, but according to Kwaku T, it could also have been an attempt on his life.

Kwaku T, creator of Higher Life is back home and recuperating steadily.

Born Kwaku A. Tutu to Ashanti parents, Kwaku-T is one of Ghana’s leading hip hop artists. The internationally known talent has shared stages with stars like Monica, Lil Jon and Keith Sweat.

In 2010, he represented Ghana in the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

Read his post below (unedited)

“Around 4:50pm hrs I see thick smoke in the room so I go check where it’s coming from as I choke but before I can reach the source there’s an explosion from the direction of the fridge. The room catches fire. I can only speculate that there was some sort of electrical malfunction. Some of my fam say it was arsen i.e. an attempt on my life. I don’t watch that one. How significant am i that some1 would wanna off me? Lol.

I live a quiet life in my corner. Me never ramp wit nobody…. Roughly 05:30 something hrs after the explosion the door of the burning room i was trapped in was broken down and i was subsequently rushed to 2 different hospitals be4 i received proper medical attention. I had suffered severe lung damage from inhaling large quantities of burning smoke as well as 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

When one of the only caucasian medics in the icu finally noticed i was losing consciousness, she scrambled some of her colleagues to attend to me. I told the doctor i wasn’t going to make it. He assured me i was but the look on his face definitely told a completely different story. I’ve had a couple tussles with the grim reaper but this one….

The outcome instinctively felt very uncertain. I hear the doctor tell me to hold on as i continue to choke struggling to breathe. Tubes are shoved down my throat, i hear crying from family around me that somehow heard and found the hospital i am in, the doctor tells me to hold on once more then…. I fade to black”.