Police Officer Turned Gospel Musician Starts Watch Your Tongue On Free Speech Campaign On Social Media – Contact 0507903915

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Police officer cum gospel musician, fondly known as Officer Kwasi Ofori, has started a loud campaign on free speech with caution which he terms as ‘Watch Your Touch.’

As a man who is conversant with the State laws, Officer Ofori appreciates free speech and believes we don’t have an utopian democracy yet, but a proximate one can be achieved if we season what we say – especially on social media where most youth seem to abusive others with crude and chilly diction.

Speaking with, Officer Ofori posited, “The words of an individual can be a judgment for his or her imprisonment. In other words, your utterances can send you to prison”

For this reason, Officer Ofori has composed a song titled ‘Watch Your Tongue’ meant to educate and advise the general public to choose pleasant words over unpleasant words when opportunity befalls one to speak – because, one can bless or curse with the tongue.

“Furthermore, the tongue can ruin a nation and set it up in flames” he says, so he is entreating everyone to get the song and spread the good news.

One can get the song by requesting it on WhatsApp number 0507903915. Supporting his message Biblically, he quoted, “Those who guard their mouths and tongues keep themselves from calamity” – Proverbs 21:23.

Ending, he stressed, “We shall do ourselves and the nation good if, we are mindful of our words. Thanks. WhatsApp 0507903915 for the WYT song by Officer. God bless our homeland Ghana.”