Popular Ghanaian Sound Engineer, Roro Advises Christians To Never Grant Interview To ‘Unbelievers’ Or Atheistic Journalists/Bloggers

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Seasoned Ghanaian sound engineer and producer, Roland Ackah, popularly known as Roro, has advised Christians to never grant an interview to journalists, radio presenters, who do not believe in God or Jesus Christ.

Roro, who is known on Facebook with the handle name Roro Buddy Gh, uses his wall to preach strongly on Christian doctrines – and the latest to come from him goes in plain words (unedited):

“As a Christian who believes in JESUS CHRIST, never grant a journalist, radio presenter or a blogger who doesn’t believe in GOD/CHRIST an interview (especially when it’s about faith in CHRIST) ……..

On why? His post ended with, “….it only opens doors for ridicule. reached out to him so he expands his thoughts or assertion. “Yea, I’ve encountered them plenty. It’s a personal experience. Nothing you say on such interviews never end on an agreement. It turns out to be an argument” he told the blog.

Though he did not mention specific journalists or media houses to solidify his opinion, he said his shot is specifically directed at journalists, bloggers, radio presenters, in the entertainment circles. Specifically entertainment cos that’s my field” he emphasized.

Some months back, Roro revealed that the world of music is indeed ruled by Freemason and Illuminati and asked up-and-coming artistes not to be deceived to join these groups.

“When you give your soul to them, you hit big and make all the money but trust me; your soul is bound for hell. You sometimes see yourself very good and talented but people who have no talent are rather making it big. Don’t rush, at God’s own time, you will make it big with no limits. Your hits await you” he posted.

There was a time in Ghana when you wouldn’t hear a song without ‘RoRo RoRo’ blasting in the background. Roro can boast of almost 20 years as a sound engineer and producer – having worked with the likes of Daddy Lumba, VIP (now VVIP), Batman (now Samini), Tic Tac (now IamTic), Christiana Love (now Obaapa Christy), Great Ampong, among others.