Prostitution Could Soon Be Legal In Ghana – CHRAJ Hints

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The Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is planning of decriminalizing prostitution in the coming months. This is according to the commissioner, Joseph Wittal, who says, prostitution as a mode of work cannot be linked to a crime.

“Decriminalizing prostitution is meant to rig the status book of offenses that seem to be targeting poverty. Prostitution can be regulated. If in your own way, somebody has their own way of living why don’t to see how it can be regulated?” he quizzed.

Prostitution remains an illegal act in Ghana with offenders exposed to minimal to severe jail terms. The trade also records high cases of human right violations especially when clients of these women often mistreat them leading to physical and mental torture.

Reports from the United Nations (UN) show that the main reasons for which most African and Ghanaian women enter into prostitution is poverty – a development CHRAJ seeks to consider as the basis for which to make it legal in Ghana.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that most Ghanaian women who are immigrants in India are engaging in active prostitution. These Ghanaian prostitutes, is gathering, originate from the various travel agencies in the country who offer unbelievable travel and tour offers to desperate Ghanaian women who wish to seek green pastures abroad.

Should prostitution be legalized in Ghana, parliament will have to sit and pass a bill for the regulation of the practice. This could mean prostitutes either paying taxes or not having to hide in the streets in search of a client.