Random Sampling Shows People Don’t Vote For Political Parties Based On Celebrity Endorsement

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The debate as to whether fans or the public vote for political parties based on celebrity endorsement of political parties, seems to be getting interesting based on a feedback from a random sampling extracted from one Entertainment blogger Kwasi Enoch.

Whilst some think it works magic on the populace – since many considers these celebrities as role models who won’t lead them astray or endorse something bad, hence, their endorsements should be taken serious, others think otherwise because the celebrities themselves, have their hidden agenda.

musician Mzbel

Since 2008, the two regnant political parties – NPP and NDC, have adopted this celebrity endorsement as a contrivance for canvassing for votes. Whilst we have names like Kwabena Kwabena, A-Pluz, Lumba, Agya Koo, and others on the NPP side, we have names like John Dumelo, Mzbel, Kalsum Sinare, Mr. Beautiful, and others on the NDC’s side.

The Blogger posted – would you vote for a certain political party because a certain so called celebrity said so? What are your views? Below are some response from the respondents:




Presspeep also ask you” What do you also think about this celebrity endorsement of political parties? Does it influence you to vote? Share a thought if you have any.