Read The Sad Story Of How CPP Flagbearer, Ivor Greenstreet, Lost His Legs – Karma Is A Bitch!

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Did you ever know that the presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), lawyer Ivor Greenstreet, was not born ‘cripple?’ If you knew, fine, if not, brings you how this humane gentle born with his legs as strong as logs of ‘Wawa,’ lost his legs to a near-death accident 19 years ago.

Mr. Greenstreet was not born in a wheelchair. The script of his life in the wheelchair started on December 24, 1997—a day he would want to forget, mainly because of its traumatic experience. “I decided that I was not going to leave the house. Something told me I should not leave the house. But I had a call from a friend in town to come for a meeting.

Ivor Greenstreet – before his predicament

“At that time, I had a problem with my car, so I went to change cars from another residence near mine. I went to town and got held up in town till late. Later, I was on my way to Tema when I had a burst tyre and the car got out of control and I found myself lying beside the road.”

Trapped in the vehicle, it was at this point that the realization dawned on him that he should have listened to his instinct which had earlier told him not to go out. “Next thing I knew, someone flagged a taxi and I found myself sitting at the back of the taxi, next to somebody. I knew that if you are in that condition you are not supposed to be sitting but rather be lying flat. I don’t know what happened next, I might have blacked out,” he recalled in a pensive mood.

His medical journey into hospitals home and abroad began from there, the first destination being the Tema General Hospital before being transferred to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. “I remember being carried up the stairs because the lift was not working. The next thing I remember, I was in an ambulance because my older sister who is a doctor and was working in the UK had arranged for a private air ambulance to fly me out.”

Meet handsome lawyer Ivor Greenstreet

“I remember being in the ambulance being driven on the railway line at the Nkrumah Circle and I was in such pain,” he said, the smile on his face disappearing. When the private air ambulance landed in the UK, he was diagnosed with Assisted Respiratory Distress Syndrome—a condition that shut down his system – two days later, but a life support came in handy.

“That is when your lungs stop working, your stomach stop working and everything stops working. I was put on some kind of life support for almost a month,” he said. When he eventually pulled out of the life-threatening situation, he stayed in the hospital for almost a year.

Lifting a giant smock that was gifted him earlier in the day by the Paramount Chief of Sagnarigu, he showed a scar on his neck which was the spot the ventilator was fixed to provide oxygen. A scar of the pain and anguish he endured for almost a year.

CPP Presidential Candidate Ivor – now in wheelchair for life

When he heard that he could not walk again, he was overcome with shock but accepted to move on because he couldn’t do much about it. In October 1998, he returned to Ghana and began stitching together his psychological building blocks to restore his life.

Credit: The Mirror