REPLY: Ivorian Musicians Give Up On 4X4 Over Beat Stealing Allegation

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Management of Ivorian music group, Tour 2 Garde, has sent a short email to Presspeep.com – stating that, though they did not give permission to 4×4 to sample their beat, they are not interested in pursuing the matter in court.

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4×4 had dared Tour 2 Garde to sue them over copyright infringement – if the latter believes they have a case. “Anyway, there is copyright infringement so if he claims the Atongo beat is his beat, he should take a legal action against” Captain Planet of 4×4 dared Ivorian musicians Tour 2 Garde.

But in an email to Presspeep.com, it appears management of Tour 2 Garde has chosen to let go the issue. “We didn’t gave them permission. We won’t do nothing” the unedited email. To them, there is a similarity between both songs but it’s not too close.

Ivorian Music group – Tour 2 Garde


Perhaps, this is where the whole drama over this beat theft issue may have to end – since the very victims involved are no longer interested testing the law on copyright infringement. Justice and peace is what we all need.