REPORT: Footballer Sulley Muntari Slaps Referee – Leading To End Of Match

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Controversial Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari physically attacked an unsuspecting referee with a hefty slap during a local friendly, leading to the abrupt end of the match in Accra.

According to a report on Peace FM on Monday, a friendly match between two sides involving two of Ghana’s respected footballers Muntari and Laryea Kingston had to be cancelled after the player with countless disciplinary problems launched his shocking physically attack on the referee.

Locals in the Accra suburb of Kotobabi booed the former AC Milan and Inter Milan player after he slapped the referee in the face and kicked the ball out of play for a card shown him.

Muntari, who has had several disciplinary problems both at club level and with the national team the Black Stars, took the ugly part of his character to the streets when the referee John Terry showed him the yellow card for an offence.

Not pleased with the decision of the referee, Muntari lunged forwarded like a baboon, angrily slapping the ref in the face before grabbing the ball kicking in into the nearby houses in a shocking and disgraceful fits of anger.

Shocked over the conduct of the global football star, players had to calm the referee down while kids who were watching the game chanted chorus of disapproval with the elders booing Muntari.

Kingston had to beg the referee not to retaliate as locals encouraged the match official to go for his pound of flesh against Muntari who is infamous over his disciplinary problems.

The referee John Terry narrated how Sulley Muntari slapped him and ended a friendly game abruptly which was highly anticipated by locals.

“There was a small infringement which I didn’t see earlier so I stopped the game and decided to replay it as fair-play in favour of Sulley’s side,” referee John Terry narrates what during the friendly game between Sulley Muntari XI and Laryea Kingston XI at the Kotobabi Wembley in Accra.

“Unfortunately he (Sulley) grabbed the ball with his two hands and I gave him a yellow card for that on the field of play. He was not pleased and came straight to slap my face and I showed him a red card and he took the ball and played it out of the field of play.

“I was surprised and the players around couldn’t do anything since all were similarly surprised too. When that happened, players of both sides talked to me not to retaliate and forget. Laryea Kingston spoke to me to let things go and at that moment I let go.”

Muntari was sacked in disgrace at the 2014 World Cup for his physical attack on a management member of the Ghana national team at the tournament in Brazil.

He was also booted out of Ghana’s team at the Olympic Games in Athens for disciplinary reasons which having clashes with team-mates and opponents at club side.

Muntari recently drew sympathy over some racist abuse he suffered but his actions in Kotobabi will certainly paint a bad picture about his conduct.


Sulley Muntari never slapped any referee at Kotobabi Wembley – Sheikh Tophic Sienu’ eye-witness account

For so long a time, I had not gone to Kotobabi Wembley to play ‘Monday Special’ as we so call it but last week, 31st July 2017, for no apparent reason, I decided to go and play.

As usual, there was a friendly seven-aside game between a select side and Laryea Kingston’ Soccer Academy.

I played with Sulley Muntari and Eric Bekoe for the select side. For the records, both Sulley and Bekoe came on when I was leaving the game for the second half. So I had the benefit of watching from the stands and saw everything that happened.

It is never true that Sulley Muntari slapped Referee John Terry as is being reported. It’s a lie and an act only the referee knows why he concocted that.

I am also disappointed in my colleagues who are championing this story to paint a picture that Muntari is a mad dog who goes around beating people. I have no relationship with Sulley but I believe that whatever we do in this world is punishable by the laws of nature. So we must be careful with what we say.

Fair journalism requires that whoever wants to ascertain the truth or otherwise of what happened that day should find out from those who were there and ask questions. You don’t only give the referee airtime without finding out from anyone whether he was right or wrong.

If it is difficult reaching Sulley because he is out of the country now, at least I was there, Bekoe was there, Laryea Kingston, Armah Senegal, Hamza Mohammed (Former Bechem United striker) and Inusah Musah were all there. Call anyone to find out whether Sulley slapped someone.

Again for the records, I was one of the people who controlled Sulley when he said he won’t leave the field. Myself, Bekoe, Laryea and Nuru Bremensu – so let anyone who wants the truth find out.

*The clear picture*
While the game was ongoing, at the time I was on the bench, the referee was just in front of me and I heard him saying ‘If Sulley brings his attitude here today, I will send him off.’ He can’t deny this. The other players close to me laughed. But I did not take him serious.

So while the game was ongoing, he whistles for a foul for any tackle Sulley goes in for. So Sulley confronted him and they spoke. It was between them so I don’t know what they talked about. After that, I saw Sulley laughing.

A few minutes later, Sulley roughly tackled an opposing player but the referee did not whistle for a foul which eventually resulted in a goal against Laryea’ side. After the goal, Sulley said and I heard him ‘This is what you should even have whistled for a foul against me.’ The referee told Sulley he was not the one to teach him his job.

Game was one. Another tackle and the referee whistled for a foul against the select side. The ball was quickly played and Sulley caught the ball in protest. The referee flashed a yellow card at Sulley. Sulley tried taken the card from the referee but thankfully Bekoe was close to the incident and restricted Sulley before we, from the bench, got to the scene. The game went on hold for about 5 minutes and resumed later.

So there was no slapping anywhere.

Myself, Eric Bekoe, Armah Senegal, Laryea Kingston, Inusah Musah, Nuru Bremensu, Hamza Mohammed and many other players were there. Please if you want to ascertain the truth, find out from these people. The referee is just concocting stories. Sulley never slapped him.