REVEALED: Designer Behind Sark Collections Reveals She Invested Over $ 15, 000 + Pair Of Sark Sneakers Cost $ 150 – NOW, Sark Collection Is Collapsing

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Yasmin Behzadi, an Iranian-born Millionaire and an Entrepreneur living in Dubai, has disclosed that she invested a whopping $ 150, 000 as seed capital into Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie’s Sark Collection.

Sarkodie and Yasmin Behzadi

Somewhere in 2013, rapper Sarkodie ventured into fashion where he partnered with YAS (as Yasmin Behzadi is fondly known in Ghana) to launch Sark Collection. A clothing line which sought to sell hip hop gears ranging from caps, belts, boxers, briefs, underwear, T-shirts, Jeans etc. with the logo Sarks embossed on it.

Few days ago, the boutique where Sark Collections are sold located at Dzorwulu, is said to be closing down due to poor sales. Due to that, they are now running mega sales – slashing the prices down to 50-90% on a stock to clear the things off the shelves.

Yasmin Behzadi, in an interview with REVEALED with Bola Ray on her life, business, family, and about rapper Sarkodie, disclosed how much she invested into Sark Collection, her admiration for him, and appreciation for his works. Yasmin’s brother, Ahmed, also revealed how much a pair of Sark sneakers cost: “$150” he said.

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