REVEALED: King Of GH Satire, KSM, To Start New Twi-Speaking Talk Show – ‘BO ME NKOMO’ – Talks About Retirement Too

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The indefatigable showbiz legend, KSM, is still firing on all cylinders with no signs of slowing down – and the latest to come out of his quarters, is the hosting of his first time all Twi-speaking talk show, is informed.

The undisputed King of Prime Time has held the Friday evening slot on television for 14 years, and to date, his KSM SHOW still ranks among the best. It takes a genius to stay relevant and entertaining for 14 years and still counting.

Just when we thought he was about to slow down, we picked from the grapevine that he is about to outdoor ‘BO ME NKOMO’ – (Meaning let’s “shoot the breeze”). This is an exciting light hearted and thrilling talk show in Twi – we gather the guests on his line-up are all amazing headliners.

“BO ME NKOMO” will be hitting your TV screens soonest. For now, KSM is very tight-lipped on which station is going to carry the program – but we pushed the old boy and his answer was, “Stay tuned.” He assured we will be the first to know.

Apart from “BO ME NKOMO”, he is in production with another hilarious world-class sit-com.  The working title is “GH_NIAJA”. (GH Underscore NIAJA). He is currently the writer and director of the series but he intends to hand over the directing to a young creative talent who is now understudying him.

He also mentioned, that very soon, a new crop of writers he is training will take over the writing of the series. We asked him when he will be retiring and he responded: “So long as my brain is functioning, and the “vim” to create captivating material is there, I will continue to create.

“The important thing for me is how many people I am able to impart my creative knowledge to.  Retirement is not an option now.”



Kwaku Sintim-Misa aka KSM (born 1956, in Kumasi) is a Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa was born the fifth of six siblings on December 5, 1956, in the city of Kumasi. He attended UST Primary School, the Presby Boys Secondary School (PRESEC), and Prempeh College. After completing college, he received specialised training at the renowned National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) in Accra.

Anxious for a deeper investigation into the performing arts, KSM left Africa to major in acting and directing at Trinity College in Connecticut, USA. He subsequently earned a Master of Fine Arts in film production from New York University.

KSM launched his acting career with a variety of Off-Broadway and Public Theatre roles. He was also featured in the popular American crime series Law & Order (in 1994) and on the drama series Medal of Honor Rag (by the Tony Award-winning director Lloyd Richards.)

KSM became the first African to stage an original Off-Broadway play when he produced Thoughts of a Confused Black Man, an immensely popular one-man show that raised compelling questions about race in the United States. In 1997, inspired by his American career, he returned to Ghana to make his mark as a proud nationalist and edutainer.

Shortly after arriving back in the country, KSM became a prominent radio talk show host; his pioneering work with Talk Shop introduced Ghana to broadcasting’s potential for generating controversy and dialogue.

KSM used a combative, confrontational style which shocked his listeners into frankly discussing relevant national issues. He continued to refine his style with the show Nyame Som Ye De, which inspired Ghanaians to think beyond religion to define their broader spirituality.

After making a name for himself as a radio host, KSM created what has become one Ghana’s most popular talk shows: Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF). TGIF was the first broadcast of its kind to fuse serious talk, education and humour.

Since its inception, the show has featured gripping stories from entrepreneurial street vendors, dancing presidents, pioneering scientists, leading artists, and many more exciting characters. Despite the broadcast success, KSM has never abandoned the stage.

He has written, directed and starred in a series of one-man comedic plays, most notably Saga of a Returnee, Afia Siriboe, and Politically Incorrect.

KSM’s live performances use comical characters to illustrate the key social, economic and political issues concerning Ghana. They are produced by Sapphire Ghana Limited, a content development company that he founded and uses to integrate social issues into television, radio, and stage productions.

In 2009. KSM released his first feature length film, a psycho-thriller entitled ‘Double.’ He has written and produced a variety of television shows, including Hot Bench, Divorce Court, Build Your Ark (for SSNIT), and a number of medical documentaries.

Watch The KSM show every Friday at 9: 00pm on Metro TV.