SAD: Veteran Kumawood Film Director Fiifi Gharbin Says He Can’t Even Buy Food To Eat

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Highly revered and multiple-award winning Kumawood filmmaker, Frank Fiifi Gharbin, has hinted that he’s currently broke and frustrated over the sorry state of the film industry.

Fiifi Gharbin, who seems distraught by conducts of some diabolic players in the film industry, shares one of how some 4 big wings in the industry, have ripped him off his capital and investment, and now, “I can’t even buy food to eat…” he says.

It is not clear whether his remark is literal or figurative – by deducing from his tone, it suggests all is not well with him in close doors. Arts Writer Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh, shares with, Fiifi’s confessions, as he received from Fiifi. Read his long essay (unedited) about the film industry – as we wish him a strong come back:


Let no one blame me…if take a man up in the industry.. I can’t endure the pain I’m going through any longer.. The world needs to here my story… The kind of pain that I’ve been through just for the love of the Film industry…we are living in a crazy industry.. Fool of crazy people… I didn’t know how to be crazy.. So one big man has made me crazy..ive not even eating the whole day.. But I can’t stand this pain any longer…mr. Big man..

Why do you want to kill me and my career.. Trying not to mention the name.. But this is unacceptable.. What you have done my career…why do bad things happen good people in the industry… Whoever cares can call me..

But I describe Ghana Film industry now as a crazy industry… Call me if you care, why it’s crazy… I’m tempted to say.. Hmmmmmm. How can 4 big bosses, rip me off, my capital,my investment, and no I can’t even buy food to eat..

This is the true state of the film industry in Ghana now, we are our own enemies, people want to reap what they have sown, now I am the victim .. I rest my case for now.. But call me, if you want details.. The industry is sick with greedy people.. This is the sorry state of the industry… Call me if you love my movies or writings

Agya koos supposed cult group says they, will will kill director Frank fiifi gharbin. Today, then kill Lil Wayne, then, kwaku manu, Paul gee, and kindom media….but me Frank fiifi gharbin… Director One, they lie bad, watch out, the gang is made up of,lead actor agya koo, also as lead singer, afia Kobi, Kofi atopa, I also heard Kofi atopa, if your not,and someone they sent bed bugs to send bed bugs into my room….

They should have tried killing the young directors first… I called Hebron prayer camp pastor elder ofori first, then to prophet elshadai of winneba, so I tricked them, this is real… I can’t lie against men of God, they want to kill people they think brought them down, in fact, they have spiritual powers which, can control you the whole day, they say, exactly,almost everything about you in a song, tease you, makes you unhappy, gives you nightmares when you see, dead people in the industry, family etc but,

I showed them I’m director,they thought I was going church or something but took them to a pub because, I realize they already have a connection with my house people, as at now the spirits judgment is final, if you don’t defend well, your soul is theirs…

So I’m going battle them, tonight, Emelia brobbey, I don’t know why their song says me and you could not stay in London, in fact that version afia Kobi and agya koo which claims to be lovers say, if I love a broken hearted teacher, I should go for her in my dream, they only way to fight them is your strong willed to defend the the questions, the spirits will ask and be bold.. My time is up..

The agya koo cult group are here, anyone who they think they brought them down are here fight… I’ve warned you, men of God are here to testify… That can’t bring me down… If you kill me, a thousand Frank gharbins will.. I know I’m your main anemy,im not asleep because I’m waiting for battle tonight…

Please, beware and on guard, they are here tonight… But.. They Lion of kumawood stands still… This is not illusion… I’m waiting for them… If survive, they have spiritual powers to know exactly where you are, what are doing… Beware.. They are here.