The ‘Secret-Tool’ NPP Used To Know They WON The Election Before EC’s Declaration Finally Exposed

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Exactly a week to the elections, Editor of Presspeep.com had a privilege information from a reliable source on a ‘secret-tool’ the NPP had put in place to detect whether they have won the elections or not – even before the Electoral Commission declares so.

According to our source, the NPP actually invested in ICT – “safest and cost-effective” the source said. The source further said after the elections, the party will make their strategy known to the public.

Whist we are patiently waiting for the party to officially disclose their strategy, corroboratory revelation from respected lawyer, Ace Anan Ankomah, is that he’s had the privilege of entering the Situation Room of the NPP – – where ICT experts, sat and monitored the voting across the country. Ace Ankomah, as he is popularly known, stated:

Lawyer Ace Ankomah

“I was allowed into the NPP Situation Room. I was awed. These guys went into this election super-prepared. They deployed over 700 laptops and 300 printer-scanners countrywide. Every constituency has at least 2 Internet-connected laptops and one printer-scanner.”

He continued, “These guys had over 90% of the Pink Sheets from the polling stations by 2am (Thursday). By the time they held the press conference (Thursday – around 10am), they knew they had won.” Below are some pictures of the NPP’s Situation Room: