I See Nothing Wrong With Lesbianism – “Anal Se.x Is Great” Actress Vicky Zugah Explains Why

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Ghanaian promising actress, Vicky Zugah, has once again, given her artless opinion on a se.xual orientation – and this time, it’s on lesbianism.

Vicky Zugah

June this year, several reports had Vicky Zugah give the world an idea of her se.xual preference – she stated unequivocally that anal se.x is “great.” She also disclosed her love for anal se.x and how she enjoys it.

“It is great. I mean anal sex is great so find out if your partner likes it or not and then you will enjoy the act. However, not everybody like anal se.x so you need to ask the person before you engage in the act with him or her” she said.


Few days later, when her own words were reviewed and she was interviewed (on Entertainment Review – Peace 104.3 FM), she denied ever saying anal se.x is great and that she loves it. When her own words were played to bang her face harder, she said she was misconstrued and understood out of context.

Vicky Zugah, in a recent exclusive interview with celebrity blogger, Zionfelix, touched on a number of issues and among them, one that caught our attention, is her indifference towards lesbianism –a se.xual orientation many lour on in Ghana/Africa.

Vicky Zugah is still leading a strong crusade against spousal abuse – a silently loud social canker.


We won’t use more text to tell it – and we hope and pray she does not deny this very one too. Watch Vicky Zugah on CELEBRITY RIDE WITH ZIONFELIX BELOW: