See Pictures Of The Yummy Model Stonebwoy Allegedly Jilted For His Now Wife, Doctor Louisa

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According to Ghanaian website,, a bitter ex-partner of Stonebwoy identified as “Betty” wrote them a letter after the wedding.

In the letter, which was published online, the disgruntled former girlfriend stated that she had met Stonebwoy when she played a part as a vixen in one of his videos. Betty continued that on the 3rd day of the shoot, Stonebwoy proposed to her and they started dating in 2014 but asked her to keep the relationship private and away from media attention.

The letter continued that Stonebwoy was intimate with Betty and only cut ties and communication with her about a week to his glamorous wedding with Dr. Louisa Ansong.

A bitter Betty wrote (unedited):

“I have been crying since I saw the date of his wedding was published on your site and still can’t hold back my tears when I saw his wedding pictures yesterday.”

She revealed that she had been warned by Stonebwoy’s crew members to not come near the wedding ground and she believed this was why the event was a private one with heavy security.

“There are a lot I did and planned with Stonebwoy and now I feel he used me and perhaps married the doctor for his own peculiar reasons. Can you publish this for me for Stonebwoy to answer why he didn’t tell me or did this to me?” the letter stated.

Betty, however, ended the letter by wishing the new couple a happy marriage. Below are pictures of Betty which just came in: