Soldier To Appear Before Court Today Over Nude Pictures

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Soldier (WOI) Asiedu of the Ghana Airforce Base in Takoradi is expected to appear in court today for allegedly trying to blackmail a 17-year-old (name withheld) with her nude images/pictures.


The suspect who was arrested at the weekend from an unnamed hotel in Takoradi while trying to receive sexual favours from his victim is reported to have shown remorse and asked police investigators to tamper justice with mercy

According to police investigators, the suspect befriended the unnamed 17-year-old and persuaded her to send him her nude pictures.

He then used the pictures as a bait to blackmail the girl, threatening the girl to avail herself for sexual intercourse or he would leak the photos on social media

The girl was being reluctant but the military man kept persisting amidst threats. At a point, it was reported that the poor girl even decided to end her life since she was not prepared for the act.

The helpless, bemused and devastated poor girl confided in a brother who also called to inform a local journalist in the area and he, in turn, notified a security operative.

A plan was fashioned out for the suspect to meet his victim at a particular hotel for the sexual demand and in the process was arrested on Saturday morning and handed over to the police who are currently investigating his conduct.