Students Back to School Amid Hike in Coronavirus cases in the Country

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Students across all levels in the educational sector are set to begin a new academic Calender  today amidst hikes incidence of the novel coronavirus.

The President, Nana Akuffo addo in a directive ordered all students from kindergarten, Primary ,J.S.S and Senior High to resume the academic calender  which had been suspended since last year following the reported incidence of the virus in the country.

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The government had on March  16, 2020 imposed ban on all Public gatherings including schools in an audacious attempt to halt the spread of the virus.

The decision seen unpopular with a section of the Public was necessary to prevent further infections in the country.

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The new directive to resume academic work is backed by the Presidents resolve to ensure an unhindered running in the educational sector as well as to make education a driving force in the socioeconomic development of the country.

The President in his directive noted that the decision was taken subsequent to enough preparations and consultations with relevant stakeholders and more importantly Health Authorities .

Again, requisite orientation would be undertaken by Health Authorities for students  as well as efficient Assistance from government in the provision of Veronica Buckets , liquid soaps as well as nose mask in various schools.

Suspected cases will managed by mapped medical facilities,District Support Schemes as well as Covid-19 Emergency support Units.