Teacher Who Taught Sarkodie And Stonebwoy At SHS Opens Up On Their Lifestyle Back In School – Interesting Revelations

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A teacher who taught both Sarkodie and Stonebwoy at the Methodist Day Senior High School (MEDASS) has opened up on the lifestyles of both artistes during their school days. Mr William Okantah has been an English teacher for the past decade and is privileged to have had most of the current high-profile artistes pass through his hands, including the two-star musicians.

Mr William Okantah

The MEDASS tutor has fond memories of both Sarkodie and Stonebwoy when he had them as his students in the early 2000s. Both artistes grew up around Tema, a suburb of Accra, and attended the same Senior High School, before rising to become big names in the Ghana music industry.


Describing Sarkodie’s lifestyle during his school days, Mr Okantah said: “[Sarkodie] was very respectful. For him, we knew he was going to do music because anytime he was done with school, he went to the studio. We knew it because, he sometimes mentioned our names in his rap songs,” as quoted by

“One remarkable attribute of his was how he made sure his assignments were done and delivered on time. I don’t remember him skipping or running away from school He was an average student but with high potentials.”


Speaking on Stonebwoy, he said: “Honestly, we didn’t see him [Stonebwoy] coming out as a musician at all. It was a surprise to us all. Stone was unassuming. One thing I remember him for was his humility.

“You know something, the day he completed school, he walked up to me and gave me a disc which apparently contained some songs of his. He handed it over to me and said to my face that he was going to be a star. And he has done just that.”

Stay Jay

On the side of Stay Jay, revealed that it was always obvious he was going to do music, adding that “anytime he was done with school, he went to the studio.”