Tourism Destination Manager Abeiku Santana’s KAYA Tours Is Now A Member Of UK Ghana Chamber Of Commerce

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Ghanaian owned destination marketer organisation (DMO), KAYA Tours, is now a member of UK Ghana Chamber of has learnt.

Announcing the news, CEO of KAYA Tours, Mr. Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey fondly known as Abeiku Santana, said: “We have evolved to become a dependable force to reckon with. Another feat by God’s grace. We are a member of the UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce. Taking tourism to the world, thanks to all those who supported and believed in our pursuit.”

KAYA Tours is made up of a dependable team that creates a unique African and socially responsible travel experience, with the sole aim of providing services beyond client and industry expectations.

Their goal is to: Continually provide quality, innovative and client focused services on time and on budget ¬ Develop and grow an enthusiastically satisfied client base ¬ Establish a strong market presence that assures short to long term profitability, growth and success ¬ A full commitment to supporting growth and development in the tourism and overall economy of Ghana ¬ And contribute positively to our communities and our environment in a sustainable manner.

Below is the confirmation letter: