Tourism Ministry Will Sell Ghana On CNN – Tourism Minister Designate Assures

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Ghana Tourism Authority

The Minister designate for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku has revealed that the ministry has planned to showcase to the world on CNN what Ghana has to offer in terms of tourism.

According to her, the interview which is planned to be conducted in March will be the selling platform to invite the private sector participation in the tourism sector in Ghana.

Speaking at her vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Monday, Hon. Catherine Afeku who’s also the Member of Parliament for Evalue -Ajomoro-Gwira stated that she’s fully committed to creating an enabling platform to sell Ghana positively to the entire world.

“That interview in itself will be the selling paltform to invite private sector participation in the tourism sector in Ghana.  So I look forward to it, once we are given the nod to create the enabling platform to sell Ghana at that level because where the whole world will watch because every watches CNN to see the unique offerings of Ghana.

“That to me will be one of the pivotal ways of encouraging the collaboration, and so we as a ministry once given the nod will sit back and support throw legislation tax breaks…things that we can do to enable the private sector development in the ministry.”