I Trust My Barber More Than GOD – KSM Says So And Defends It

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Although he was born into a Christian home, ace Ghanaian satirist and TV personality, Kweku Sintim-Misa (KSM), also host of The KSM, has always maintained that he is not religious but spiritual – an ism some find it difficult to grasps.

KSM, a son of Rt. Rev. Godfred Kwadwo Sintim-Misa, a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, was reported in May to have posited in an interview with Kofi Asante on the Work and Happiness show on A1 Radio that to him, Christianity has become commercialized in Ghana.

The TV personality and motivational speaker condemned the manner in which some supposed “men of God” have positioned Christianity in Ghana to make a profit. He disclosed that there are instances in a church where God’s blessings are now being auctioned, adding that that violates basic doctrines of Christianity. He said that he is a spiritual person but not religious.

The latest religious declaration from KSM, captured by has him make another ‘mind-boggling’ (as he says on his show) confession – he “trusts his barber more than God.” Sounds blasphemous? Well, he explains his declaration to the delight of all. Read what the King of Satire, posted to his fans: