Uganda Can Deal With Its Own Affairs-Sam Kutesa.

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Sam Kutesa, the country’s Foreign Affairs minister, briefing the diplomats said that the country provided space for a peaceful process despite the COVID-19 pandameic.

He stated that the heavy security deployment in the capital Kampala and surrounding areas during the election process was done to ensure “domestic tranquility, [and] the security and welfare of its citizens.”

“We would like to reassure the international community that this tranquility will continue to prevail beyond the immediate aftermath of the elections, into the future,” he briefed foreign diplomats.

The minister also stated Uganda can deal with its own affairs and does not need foreign interference in its affairs.

This comes after opposition leader, Bobi Wine on 15 January announced that security forces had breached his house and alleged that the elections had been ruined by fraud and violence. Bobi Wine also told the reporters that this election was “the most fraudulent election in the history of Uganda”.

Source: Ghanaweb