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Frequently Asked Questions About UNISA Registrations

Potential Unisa students are not always sure how to register. Find out more about the questions that students ask.

Can I Transfer From a Different University to Unisa?
Yes, you most definitely can. Please note that Unisa will not accept your application if you have been suspended or expelled from your previous/current university.

Can you Register for Both at the Same Time?
You can only register for both institutes at the same time if you have received written permission from your current university, allowing you to also study at Unisa. You need to submit the written permission to Unisa when you apply and register to study.
Does Unisa Recognise Previous Education?
Yes they do recognise previous higher education, whether it was formal (diploma or degree) or informal (community work, knowledge or skills needed during your practical work experience).

When is The Best Time To Apply?

Apply as soon as possible. When the application dates are available, apply immediately. Do not wait until the last minute.

What About Students Who Are in Matric Right Now?

If you are in Grade 12, you can also apply when the application dates become available. Even if you are waiting for your final results, apply for admission.
Unisa will ‘conditionally accept’ your application, based on your current school grades or Grade 11 results. When you send your final results to Unisa, then only is your application finalised.

What About Unisa Students Still Writing Exams, or Waiting For Exam Results?

Apply now. Always apply too early than too late.

You Applied Previously and Were Offered a Space, But Did Not Register at The Time

You must re-apply for admission. Someone else took your study opportunity, so you have to re-apply.

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