Unlike Ghana, Kenya Has Music Tracking Software For Determining Music Royalties

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Unlike Ghana, East African country, Kenya, can vaunt of having installed music tracking software in their media houses to track all songs played in the country to determine royalty payment to Kenyan musicians.

The name of the software is Mziki Trak. It is able to detect when a song is played, how many times it’s played on radio, television, online streaming, and other music users or sources. It further gives data on where the song is actually played from.

Kenya’s music industry may not be an utopian one – but with this software, they could reach a proximate one, because, royalty is like the salary and pension pay for musicians the world over. Its only in Africa musicians don’t benefit much from royalties.

Kenya has since 2011, stopped manual logging of songs in their broadcasting circles– kind courtesy, the board of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK). Till date, Ghana is yet to discover the panacea to tracking plus how to share royalties equitably.

Chairman of MCSK – Mr. Bernard Mukaisi

Ghana’s music royalty collection body, Ghana Music Right Organization GHAMRO, under the leadership of Copyright Advocate, Mr. Carlos Sakyi, started a similar music tracking software project in 2013 – but later, it turned out to be a sham.

Chairman of GHAMRO – Kojo Antwi hope and pray the current board of GHAMRO, headed by Afro-pop musician, Kojo Antwi, and his team may take a cue from Kenya’s experience and act same here in Ghana – as we believe they can do it!