UPDATE: Broadcaster Bolay Ray Promises To Meet His Young Die-Hard Fan, Frimpong Prince – Fan Is Full Of Tears Of Joy

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Once again, media mogul fondly known at large as Bolay Ray, has proven that he is not only human, but humane – this he has proven by responding to a call by his young die-hard fan by name, Frimpong Prince.

Earlier today, chanced on a post by Frimpong Prince – Blogger/Editor of, who shared his admiration on how celebrities in the West, hobnob, surprise their die-hard fans with gifts or hangout with them.

Ending his post, Frimpong appealed:

“Me I want to hang out with Bola Ray so that he can mentor me on how to be successful.”

Less than an hour after the publication, Frimpong got in touch with Editor of and with fervour, expressed his appreciation for the publication – and after, announced that Bola Ray contacted him and promised to meet him.

As to how Bola got Frimpong’s number still amazes the latter. The ever grateful Frimpong actually sent us a snapshot of his chat with Bolay Ray – Bolay promised of meeting him come next week Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017. See it below:

The editorial team at are grateful to Bola Ray for reading us, taking the publication serious, and ready to put a smile on the face of a young man who look up to him and considers him an inspiration.

Bolay – may you continue to be blessed and keep being a blessing unto others. Once again, Frimpong is grateful and we are honoured for the attention. Live and let’s live.