UPDATE: MTN Explains How They Will Stop Paying Interest On Mobile Money To Muslims – As A Respect To Islam Doctrines

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Earlier today, 20th April, 2017, Presspeep.com published a story on how management of telecommunication giant, MTN, has agreed to respect the Islamic faith by giving them a holy path to stop receiving interest on Mobile Money transactions by its Muslim Subscribers.

The Editorial team of Presspeep.com as well as all sane ones asked how they can achieve that and wondered if faith must jaunt into business this way. Social media is virile and contents on them goes viral – so a corporate source saw our story and informed us how MTN plans on achieving their business-faith decision.

According to the source, MTN has a short code any of its subscribers on Mobile Money who wish to stop receiving interest on the said service, can reach out to them on. Below is the full narration of the message sent by MTN – and if you are a Muslim, over to you, do the needful:


You may read the FULL STORY BELOW: