UPDATE: TV Presenter Lost Sponsorship On Her Show For Interviewing Bishop Obinim- Read How People Are Reacting To The Issue

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In an exclusive interview with, seasoned actress, producer/director, and philanthropist, Kafui Dzivenu, revealed how her sponsorship deal with Promasidor Ghana Limited, manufacturers of ONGA – a quality seasoning stock, was cancelled by one of the company’s managers who is not a fan of Jesus’ second in command, Angel Bishop Obinim. actually published this story on Wednesday, 14th Dec, 2016. Read it below:

After monitoring online, has skimmed some readers reactions to the story. Whilst some think it served the actress well for losing the sponsorship because of Obinim, others think otherwise. Read some of the comments below:


ESI: Kafui don’t mind them,the Lord will give you another sponsor to help the needy,i will not buy their products again because of this nonsense

God is watching: if you follow satan then you will fall onga big up yourself

Kwaku Trouble: You don’t have a contract which stipulates the length of your engagement with Onga, meaning they can pull the plugs whenever they want. Stop being a cry baby and move on. Next time sign a contract.

Anonymous: why cry? Oh let Obinim sponsor the show,

Tia: Kafui please don’t mind them Wai, only God knows best, maybe there is something brighter coming in the future. I will never n ever buy Onga product again, Bcos how can they cancel their sponsorship Bcos of the hurtred they have for Angel Obinim.

Sam: one door closes another door opens and even bigger door.

Sweet: soo sorry my dear……..luv ur movies

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