VACANCY: Production Executive Good In Graphic Design, Editing, Camera, And Writing For TV Programme Wanted – APPLY NOW!

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Applications are invited for the post of Production Executive at a Media Production, Culture & Brand Consultancy.

The Production Executive will work in a bright and enthusiastic team that oversees production for new Television Programmes, Brand management, Marketing, Culture & Tourism Promotion.

Expertise in Camera Operation, Editing and Post-Production, Graphic Design, Production Design, Writing or Directing are a plus.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To accomplish the primary goal of overseeing a production process, the Production Executive will perform many tasks.

  1. Plan and ensure the best and most efficient uses of the available resources, including equipment and labour, to meet production goals. Determine equipment and supplies required, and build a production schedule.
  2. Monitor the progress of production, confirming that it stays on schedule and within budget. Meet regularly with production team and management to analyze any problems and ensure cost-effective, high quality and timely delivery of planned outcomes.
  3. Identify Problems and Improve Processes

Be on the lookout for problems hampering effectiveness. Develop new and cost-effective ways to improve quality and productivity. Develop new ways of production or improve existing methods and procedures.

  1. Lead production operations.

Transform Management initiatives and directives into specific tasks to lead on pre-production, production and post-production jobs, and to ensure professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness throughout the production process

  1. Coordinate production resources.

Liaise with staff, talent and guests on Management directives, objectives, theme and call times. Book and ensure the timely delivery and set-up of logistics and equipment, and prompt post-event clean-up.

  1. Ensure quality and profitability of production processes and outcomes

Work to Management initiatives and directives to plan and sustain flow of high quality programmes, promos, commercials and deliverables that are captivating and profitable.

Production Executive Skills

Plan and establish priorities

Demonstrate flexibility and an ability to multitask

Think creatively to solve problems

Demonstrate leadership to inspire and motivate those around you for positive outcomes

Competencies & Qualifications:

Experience iN Camera Operation

Experience in Editing & Post-Production, Graphics & Animation

Experience in Directing

Possess technical knowledge and be adept at all phases of the production process from concept to completion, Strong computer skills and knowledge of applications such as Power Point, Word, Excel, FinalCut Pro, Final Draft and/or competitive software

Ability to lead and drive continuous improvement

Strong result-orientation and customer service mindset

Ability to understand cost containment and budgetary principles

A good Diploma in Film & Television Production, Fine Art, Languages or Sociology with over 4 years work experience


A good First Degree in Film & Television Production, Fine Art, Languages or Sociology with over 2 years work experience

Please apply with a cover letter and attachments in MS Word of

  1. Your Resume and
  2. A personal statement between 300 and 400 words before Friday 30th March 2018 to