Veteran Actor Brew Riverson Jnr Says He Won’t Return To Acting – “I Don’t Miss It’ – He Explains Why

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One of Ghana’s favourite actors in the 80s and 90s, Brew Riverson Jnr, has stated unequivocally that the Movie industry is alive but garbled, however, he won’t come back for his old love (acting).

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Entertainment Review program ‘Red Carpet’ on Saturday, he expressed the view that the Ghanaian Movie Industry is now in a state of disarray.

He added that, the Ghanaian Film industry failed to build on trends in modern day concepts and models with regards to film quality against other performing industries.

“To say it is dead isn’t the thing, it’s just not holding together. There is orderly disorderliness. I don’t think we have really worked at building anything. When you see something been established, it goes from stage to stage. It’s probably been chewed up at the roots…,” he explained.

“I think that, we should have built up on stuff we saw. We had something before. We have this ‘anything goes’ attitude and it has affected our lives. There were signs that we had lost certain standards that many countries stood for with the test of time with regards to film quality…,” he added.

Meanwhile Brew Riverson Jnr who was last seen in Shirley Frimpong s ‘Life and Living it’ claimed he doesn’t see himself returning to the scene. He reiterated the sale of the Ghana Film Incorporated Company (GFIC) crippled the Ghanaian movie industry.

“I can’t promise returning to the scene. The truth is I don’t miss it. Maybe when I started backing off after a couple of years I was okay…,” he said. I think it was the most devastating blow in the industry. GFIC represented the film industry. It was mapped by professionals for international films….” he confirmed.