Veteran Actor Waakye Has Recovered Fully But On Break For Sex – He Explains Why

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Waakye broke the story on veteran actor Prince Yawson popularly known as Waakye on 12th March, 2017, in which he disclosed how he was rushed by a coconut seller to hospital over a mild heart failure.


Narrating his sad fate, he said, “On Friday, 3rd March, I had a long sleep in the evening so in the night, it was difficult for me to sleep. I got up from the bed and all of a sudden, I started sweating profusely. My heart begun panting faster. I felt weak all of a sudden. I felt like easing myself and did so but still, I was not feeling ok.”

According to him, he rushed out of his room (bare chest) to the streets where a coconut seller saw him and rushed him to the Trust hospital in Osu. Four months on, Waakye has recovered fully. The Veteran actor was ‘banned’ from engaging in sexual activities after he took ill and was admitted in the hospital.

But Waakye who has recovered says now “I feel my manhood almost five times before day breaks and I can see that it is working very well. It shakes its head like an agama lizard to show that now it is back on track”.

However, Waakye indicates although his manhood always asks him whether he has some job for him to execute, he intends to be fully recovered before he will engage in any sexual activity.

“It is always asking me that don’t I have any job for it but I tell it to wait for some time. I will start giving it jobs and it will even become fed-up when I start giving it more jobs to work on.”