Veteran Highlife Musician Rex Omar Advocates For Protection Of Rights Of Homosexuals

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Veteran highlife musician, Rex Omar, has clarified the air that he has not in anyway, advocated for legalization of homosexuality in Ghana – but for their rights as humans, he stands for it.

It was widely reported by some news portals that the musician said Ghana will have no option than to legalize homosexuality because it is a choice by those who practice it.

However, in an interview with Rainbow radio host, Prince Kwesi Dadzie, Rex Omar, who is also the Chairperson of music rights collection body, GHAMRO, says he never said Ghana will legalize homosexuality as reported by some media portals.

But clarifying what he had said in the past, Rex Omar said, we cannot violate the rights of individuals who are homosexuals because that is their choice but I never said we will legalize it.

“Let me clear my position and I want Ghanaians to listen attentively. What I said was that, God created human beings. We know that there are some people who appear like men but they are women. We have people who by nature they behave like men although they are women (and vice versa) and so if you should give birth to such a person, will you kill them?

“I do not support homosexuality because it is disgusting. We cannot bow under pressure to accept homosexuality because that is not our culture. However, we should always be careful to protect such individuals because there are some people who choose to be homosexuals.”

He called on Ghanaians to be careful so such individuals are not abused. “I am not in support of it but I am speaking based on what I have seen and witnessed. I only said maybe Ghana will legalize it. Maybe can be 100 years or 200 years,’’ he emphasized.